Bitwarden Password Manager Review

Bitwarden Password Manager Review

For the longest I practiced very unsafe password management. Like many users, I was terrible about remembering passwords for all the different sites and applications I use on a daily basis. Sure, Google Chrome will remember a lot of my passwords, and it’s certainly useful, but it has its limitations. 

Most modern password managers help you keep track of not only your web credentials, but also app credentials for your phone and anything else important in your life. Among the many password managers out there, Bitwarden is one of the best that you can you today for free. Khem Geek uses and recommends Bitwarden for all your password needs. 

Bitwarden is available for many different platforms, including: 

Windows (.exe) 





Browser extension 

While I’m still getting used to all the different options available, I really like the browser extension for Chrome and their Android app. It comes will a password generator to create highly secure random character passwords recommended by security experts.  

In the app, extension, and desktop version, bitwarden allows you to organize all of your credentials into neat little folders. This helps you stay organized and enables you to manage your credentials efficiently.

Of course, one of bitwarden’s most useful features is the autofill capability available on every platform. It works quite well on the Google Chrome extension and reasonably well even on the Android app that, once permissions are allowed, will allow you to use saved credentials in other apps

After nearly a month of usage I have seen relatively few bugs or defects in this product and recommend it highly for anyone who needs a free password manager to manage all of your online and offline credentials safely and securely.

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